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Aerosol Group

We are a voluntary non-profit making consortium of Pharmaceutical Companies.
The member companies develop new products for human use for Pulmonary or Nasal route of delivery intended to be used in the European Market.

EPAG Objectives

As defined in our constitution, EPAG will:

  • Focus on Pharmaceutical issues relevant to Pulmonary and Nasal Delivery products, including clinical aspects as appropriate.
  • Establish scientifically based best practices.
  • Provide consensus comment to Industry and Government Agencies to promote safety and quality standards.
  • Recommend harmonised standards and methodology.

We will achieve this by sharing of non-confidential information and by generating our own data through co-operative studies in member companies’ laboratories or sponsored investigations.

Member Companies

Our Vision

The vision for EPAG is that the group will remain the principal industry-based opinion leading and influencing group for the pharmaceutical development and regulation of products for pulmonary and nasal delivery in Europe.

EPAG will continue to be recognised internationally as a valued contributor to the world-wide pulmonary and nasal product development and regulation arena.

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