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Membership of EPAG is open to “Pharmaceutical Companies that develop drug product for human use utilising the Pulmonary or Nasal route of delivery intended to be used in the European Market”. These companies must demonstrate that they can support and enhance the EPAG objectives

Other companies, may be admitted as full members where they provide specific expertise that supports and enhances EPAG objectives. These companies will be admitted by invitation only.

A Pharmaceutical Company is a company responsible for the development of the drug product. It should have its own Research and/or Development capability, and the capability to submit, applications for product licenses.

Companies are expected to volunteer to facilitate plenary team meetings. These meetings should take place in Europe. It is recognised that product development will take place in collaboration with other Pharmaceutical companies as well as non-Pharmaceutical companies (e.g. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) suppliers, device design and componentry manufacturers, consultants etc). These companies may be invited to attend Sub teams when a particular need is identified.

If you would like to apply to become a member of EPAG please fill out the form below.