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EPAG poster presented at the conference. MH asked whether the poster constitutes the final report for this activity?

  • JM commented that that AIM is under consideration for inclusion in the Ph Eur, and is being discussed by the USP
  • HM asked whether the impactor group can recommend suitable AIM options for future effective use, and that perhaps the questionnaire data could inform this process?
  • CB commented that the AIM questionnaire has provided background information for the CFD programme and highlighted the divergent approaches in use. Everybody should be encouraged to publish available data which may help the industry to focus on a reduced number of key devices going forward
  • MC commented that AIM is probably in Wider use than our current knowledge indicates (possibly during early phase development when considered low risk)

The group took an action to gather more information regarding which devices are in use, with a view to designing a more specific questionnaire to gauge wealth of available data, and to consider circulating the questionnaire to users outside of the impactor group (Copley may be able to help with this if we decide to explore this option). The group should also consider whether a new workshop (perhaps at a future DDL?) would be useful to present new data to a wider audience.