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HV gave an update presentation on current CFD modelling activities to the team, as well as prompting a discussion on possible future activities.

Current Projects Report
  • HV is currently drafting a publication to cover the study of transient flow in the impactor.
  • HV provided a summary of CFD project modelling flow and particle deposition in the rNGI – Inclusion of filter at stage 3 of the impactor, induces a significant ΔP at stage 3 in steady state. Future work will study transient flow but this is complex to do.
  • Model of flow & particle deposition in FSI – HV reported successful development of transient and steady state models

Modelling of particle deposition – HV reported that Steady flow model reveals complex flow distribution in single nozzle impactor and that Collection efficiency curves can be matched to data by adjusting models of turbulence and particle restitution behaviour.

Future Studies

Four options for future work were presented, of these option 3 – Study effect of low, medium and high resistance on transient flow through cascade impactors – was preferred.